The transition from mass Personal Computing to Mobile Computing is now upon us! The post PC world has plethora of edge devices, fundamentally changing the customer experience and access to business, educational and entertainment applications.

Benison Bolt has expertise in user experience design and application development using native and web based mobile technologies such as Android, iOS, Windows 8, Blackberry, HTML5, jQuery Mobile. Our expertise also include building device drivers, mobile applications, frameworks and cross mobile platforms.

Mobile Applications

Our mobile applications are focused on building engaging applications by combining creativity, domain knowledge and technology.

Our teams are well-versed in user experience design and development of applications across mobile devices and personal computers using native and web based mobile technologies such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows 8, HTML5, jQuery Mobile.

Our experience spans, building interfaces with proprietary enterprise servers, e-commerce applications, media streaming servers using RTMP protocols, geospatial applications, social networking sites, ad engines, charting and reporting applications.

Service Offerings :
  • Application conceptualization
  • User experience design
  • Enterprise application development
  • Consumer application development
  • Application porting across platforms and frameworks
  • Application development using cross mobile platform frameworks
  • Mobile application testing
  • Support for app store submission and enterprise distribution

Mobile system utilities

Our mobile system utility development services are focused on enhancing mobile operating systems and its libraries to provide controlled access to system applications.

We have expertise in developing mobile frameworks, software development kits (SDKs) and device drivers for mobile operating systems. These applications are utility software that provides mobile application developers controlled access to system applications.

Benison Bolt InfoTech has developed system applications ranging from small system utilities such as boot load sequencer to large applications such as cross platform software development kit.

Service Offerings :
  • Cross platform framework development
  • Device driver development and operating system enhancement
  • Mobile application porting across platforms and frameworks
  • Customized tools and mobility management software development

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